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Heavy Lift

Combining the capabilities of our equipment with our extensive experience, Mammoet can supply the optimal method for virtually every type of lift.

Mammoet has carried out every lifting project made possible by technology and engineering – from straightforward single lifts to complex innovative projects requiring newly designed equipment. Mammoet has the world’s largest and most modern fleet of lifting equipment, ranging from a 10-ton all terrain crane up to our in-house developed PTC’s; able to lift 4,400 tons when rigged to maximum capacity.

All this power means nothing without creative engineering, a careful plan and the right expertise to safely execute the works. We understand how to prepare and carry out lifting jobs in such a way that it helps our customers get the project done on time. Mammoet engineering and lifting professionals ensure each project is executed with maximum safety and efficiency. Mammoet’s approach aims to shortens project times, helping our clients to reduce downtime or accelerate construction.


With smart solutions, we safely and professionally move deadlines forward. It is the challenge of pushing boundaries and accomplishing the exceptional that moves us, as a team.