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Heavy Transport

With an unparalleled range of equipment and smart engineering, Mammoet provides effective and safe solutions for the transport of heavy and oversized objects

Modular construction and infrastructure projects continue to increase in size. As a consequence, service providers must accommodate bigger dimensions and heavier weights while adhering to increasingly higher safety standards. The right transport solutions meet these needs and can help optimise construction schedules to move deadlines forward.

Our modern fleet of transport equipment is unparalleled in range and capacity, encompassing everything from conventional trailers to skidding systems and SPMTs. Furthermore, our fleet is subject to stringent maintenance programs that uphold the highest standards of reliability and safety.

All this capacity is just one part of the story. Mammoet experts find ways to optimise planning across the whole chain of activities. Creative engineering, careful planning and professional execution ensures a safe journey and efficient installation of the components or modules.


With smart solutions, we safely and professionally move deadlines forward. It is the challenge of pushing boundaries and accomplishing the exceptional that moves us, as a team.