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Safety comes first in everything we do.

Mammoet has a strict, successful and highly respected Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHE-Q) Program. The standards defined in this program are consistently maintained throughout our business, to ensure the safety of all personnel and the objects we handle. This program is supported by training and development programs, meetings, campaigns and safety booklets. Every day, dozens of safety officers ensure that the standards are maintained consistently, throughout the world. The safety officers focus on safety and the impact of our activities on the environment, but it is not their responsibility alone: it is a key responsibility of everyone working at Mammoet.

Full Compliance Culture

At Mammoet we are committed to a Full Compliance Culture, giving health, safety and environmental matters the highest priority in all our activities. This is supported by our SHE-Q system. We require that all employees, contractors, subcontractors, visitors and any others who may be affected by our operations share this commitment.

Mammoet’s One Way Of Working

Mammoet is a large, international company with more than 5000 employees. We work on both large and small projects, always with the same dedication and professionalism. Despite their different nationalities and backgrounds, all Mammoet employees operate as one team. All over the world our people apply the same high standards when it comes to SHE-Q related issues and the same values guide their actions.

Mammoet devotes much time and energy to the promotion of our one way of working throughout the organization. We do this through our general policy statement, continuous training and development of all employees, clear work instructions, strict safety procedures and company-wide safety, health, environment and quality campaigns.

Investing In People Via The Mammoet Academy

Mammoet regards its employees as its main asset. All over the world Mammoet professionals are constantly working on a range of demanding projects. They demonstrate an impressive flexibility, ability to cope with unexpected circumstances, cooperative attitude, professionalism and dedication. Mammoet is constantly investing in developing the knowledge and skills of its people. Mammoet prefers to do this via the Mammoet Academy, because the world’s largest specialist in heavy lifting and transport has all the necessary knowledge and experience in-house, including in the form of trainers who know all the ins and outs.

Training and development of our staff is frequently facilitated through a dual process of formal instruction and practical training. Well trained professionals are the starting point. But, as experience can only be built in practical situations, Mammoet views on-the-job learning as an integral part of the training process. We ensure all Mammoet staff complies with local rules and regulation and have the competencies to execute their work professionally. This starts with proper documentation and formal instruction. We have set up the Mammoet Academy, our central training and development initiative. This in-house network of education centers is built on the principle ‘Prepare for a Professional Future’ as it aims to transfer skills and knowledge as well as culture and mentality.

The Mammoet Academy came about through the need for a uniform Mammoet way of excellent working worldwide. Mammoet subsidiaries in different regions of the world localise the worldwide Mammoet Training Standard to satisfy local rules and regulations. Regardless where we are in the world, Mammoet employees will know the basic job expectations and the standard they have to meet. With the Mammoet Academy in place there is one desk for all kinds of training, courses and development (educational) programs for excellent job execution. Professional competency depends on the right mix of skills, knowledge, experience and the attitude of the person. Our philosophy is based on the 20-80 learning and development method in Mammoet:

  • 20% is through courses/training (traditional learning) including reading and sharing the Mammoet Culture
  • 80% is through work experience (learning by doing) and receiving constructive feedback, coaching and guidance from supervisors/management but also from peers (social learning)

All of this contributes to highly trained, committed and motivated employees, the highest level of excellence, a distinguishing first-class image of Mammoet and satisfied customers.

To Get The Best Out Of People

In all training, safety is the most important topic on the agenda, but other subjects such as health, environment and quality are also dealt with. Because Mammoet strives for a greater degree of professionalism, a lot of attention is paid to improving the participant’s personal skills and attitude. These ‘soft skills’ are important for completing jobs correctly, for working as a team and when dealing with customers and third parties.

Mammoet Safety Campaigns

We recognise that SHE-Q is a fundamental and integral part of everyday business. This is continuously communicated to all employees through internal training programs and media within Mammoet. We believe that our internal and external training programs are the key to providing the continuous improvement we seek and strive for, in our effort to achieve ZERO accidents or incidents.

Mammoet Minds

Mammoet’s performance is the result of a carefully maintained balance between people and equipment. To keep Mammoet employees focused on workplace health and safety, Mammoet runs regular Mammoet Minds safety campaigns. To put the message across clearly, the concept uses three icons – a house, a cloud and a warning sign – symbolizing We Care!, Keep Thinking! and Look Out!

Investing In Our People

We care!
We make sure that knowledge and experience are shared through the Training & Development Program.

Keep thinking!
If you think a situation means that you cannot comply with our safety rules, stop the work.

Look out!
When I discover a potentially unsafe situation on site, I will personally draw your attention to it.

The campaigns emphasise everyone’s own responsibility and proactive approach and aim to reach all our personnel. We view these campaigns as an essential, long-term undertaking. The safety messages will be repeated over and over again, but each time using a different theme and in a different form to fit the target group best.

Mammoet Minute

The Mammoet Minute is part of the Mammoet Minds campaign. The Mammoet Minute is a basic last minute risk assessment before the works starts. Through this campaign we want to make everyone aware of the importance of taking a minute before they start the job: just think, look around and think about the risks and hazards you might have to deal with. And, where necessary, to take action, so you can do the job safely.

Look After Hands & Feet

Keep your mind on the job!

It’s bad enough for you and those around you when you’re injured at work. But it gets much worse if you lose a body part such as a finger and or toe. Given that 80% of accidents affect hands and feet that’s a distinct possibility. Just think about it. Not just to protect yourself, but also everyone around you: your partner, family, friends and colleagues. So pay attention and focus on your work, even if it looks like a routine job.

Continuous Improvement

Mammoet takes great pride in its long history of continuous improvement in all areas of Safety, Health, Environmental, and Quality. Our commitment to introducing new, better and safer systems of work along with improving current systems reflects our clients’ demanding requirements. We regularly review all our operations. This is not only to ensure safety, but also makes good business sense and gives us a significant competitive advantage in a changing world.

The Mammoet SHE-Q system equips our employees with tools to build, review, revise and document Safe Systems of Work. Hazard Analyses, Risk Assessm ents, Method Statements, Calculations, Lifting Studies, Rigging Studies, Transporting Studies, Jacking and Skidding Studies and Tackle Diagrams are all a part of our daily work – written and executed to the best industry standards by trained, skilled and competent personnel.