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Shutdown Services

A comprehensive approach helping you to maximise uptime.

As specialists in heavy lift and transport, we combine the use of state-of-the-art equipment, extensive expertise and unrivaled engineering to assist in minimizing downtime during a facility’s lifecycle.

Unparalleled fleet of equipment

Mammoet has the largest and most modern equipment fleet in the world. Unique in its capacities, this fleet enables us to tailor the right set of tools for each shutdown – be it cranes, trailers, SPMTs, push-up systems, gantries or the broad array of auxiliary equipment. It is this wide range of equipment that enables us to go beyond traditional methods and find the time-saving solutions for each shutdown. Our fleet is subject to stringent maintenance programs, ensuring reliability and safety at all times.

Deep and long standing expertise

We have been known for the unique capability of our equipment but all this power is nothing without brains. It is our people who brought us where we are today. We are committed to developing and retaining an exemplary workforce ensuring that your shutdown will be staffed by professionals with the knowledge, expertise and attitude to tackle the most complex challenges safely and efficiently.

Unrivaled engineering

The Mammoet approach is centered on safe delivery and solutions that provide minimal downtime. Our engineers have developed a unique shutdown concept that is based on the pre-engineering of all heavy lifting and transport work. This results in greater cost-effectiveness, as the overall operation becomes more streamlined and equipment is better utilised.


With smart solutions, we safely and professionally move deadlines forward. It is the challenge of pushing boundaries and accomplishing the exceptional that moves us, as a team.